Ever Wanted Your REALTOR to Scour Your Local MLS and Find the Best Deals Out There for You?

Introducing our newest feature, Investway’s DailyDeals. Every day, we scrub the MLS and email our current members a daily list of the highest equity deals currently listed for sale. Our proprietary Automated Valuation Model (AVM) and our confidence values assure that these deals are the best of the best MLS-listed deals.

Here is a sample of what our members will be getting in their email inbox every day:


With DailyDeals, our members will get a list of properties whose sellers are practically begging for offers. And with our Offer Wizard, members can make near-instant offers on these properties with no paper, no fax and no headache.

If you’re a member and you prefer NOT to get these DailyDeals, say you’re on vacation, or you have way more deals to handle than you have time for, simply login to your Investway account and visit MyProfile -> Email Notifications. Uncheck the DailyDeals option, and you’ll stop getting the emails.

These DailyDeals emails will be starting within just a few more days, so get ready for the best of the best real estate deals to start rolling in!

How do I Build a Website to Show my Rehab Properties?

I love it when I get questions that give me an opportunity for a new post, which is where today’s post comes from.

Here’s a question coming from one of our members: “Since you guys are down with technology, I’m wondering if you have any suggestions on how can I display my current rehab properties on my own website.”

Well, in fact I do have a few suggestions. [Read more…]

How Does Investway Provide MLS and Comps Data? Isn’t This Data “Sacred?”

Investway, LLC is a licensed real estate brokerage that works exclusively with real estate investors in the market to purchase real estate. If that’s you, we want your business.

As a licensed real estate brokerage that actively subscribes to and pays dues to your local MLS, we are authorized to access their data feeds, our primary source of data. The difference between us and other brokerages is [Read more…]

Why Everyone Should Use Gmail for Their Email

AOL, Mindspring, Time Warner/ Road Runner, Yahoo, Verizon, Gmail . . . your choices for email accounts are virtually unlimited. But I stand today on my soapbox to shamelessly tell all why I think everybody should use gmail for their email.

Reason #1: If you use your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for email ([email protected]), it’s inevitable that you will be coerced into changing your email address when your company merges/ aquires/ bankrupts, etc. Not to mention, you might want to switch ISP’s one day. I don’t know about you, but I like my email address to remain predictable for years to come!

Reason #2: When it comes to SPAM filtering, [Read more…]

How Understanding Comps Can Improve Your Game

Smart investors know that any house will sell for the right price.

So the questions to ask are: “How do I determine the true market value for a property?” And “How far below market value should I buy and/or sell a particular property to capture the best return for my money?”

The answer comes from a careful look at [Read more…]